An energetic and astute entrepreneur, Edmond was born to negotiate.
Beyond Property
  • Loves to travel;
  • Plays Tennis;
  • Enjoys meeting with new people;


With 15+ years in sales and over 10 of entrepreneurship  Edmond has an outstanding track record of getting things done! His strong commitment, dedication, and pragmatism do not leave any transaction in the hands of fate.

The legal background, trilingualism, extensive traveling, and long experience in business has made him an exceptional negotiator and able to secure the best deals across multiple cultures.

A ‘full-stack’  property professional, he is able to deal with investment, selling, letting, or renting processes in the London real estate market.


With the asking price reached, an extremely fast and smooth process, and light-speed responses, Edmond has made our transaction a walk in the park. – Matteo & Minal