A new way to think about real estate. Made by people, powered by tech.

Propertalis estate agents are a one-to-one service that helps property owners sell, let or manage their property through personal property experts, who are personally committed to each client – saving time and money.

A fast, effective, tech-powered, and transparent service is the core of our approach to real estate. Our agents are carefully vetted to guarantee that each property owner gets a partner, instead of just an estate agent.

What makes Propertalis unique?

Fair Fees
Our agents charge highly competitive fees because they have low overhead costs. They set their own fees and might be open to negotiation.
Transparent process and correct valuation
Our agents will be transparent the whole time and will give you an ambitious but achievable valuation for your property. This will help you sell or let faster and avoid losing money by waiting for the client who will never come if your property is overpriced.
Active promotion
Our agents will actively promote your property locally, nationally, offline and online. Listing on Rightmove and Zoopla will just be the start of their promotion efforts, not the end of it, which is standard market practice. They don’t work 9 to 6 and wait for buyers or tenants in the comfort of their office. They go above and beyond until they have found you a client.
Personally connected with your property
Our agents do all the valuations and viewings themselves. They get to know your property from day one and are in the best position to sell it to viewers, rather than just showing it to them. Having a one-stop shop for all parties involved means faster and better results.
Proper negotiation
Our agents really negotiate on your behalf. They act in your best interest and won’t advise you to accept an offer until you are both satisfied it’s the best deal you can get.
“Extra mile” service
Our agents are all self-employed. They will go the extra mile for you to get the deal done and receive a positive review. That’s the only way they can make money and it’s usually how they get their next client.

How are we different?

  • We carefully vet and choose only the best-performing agents in your area.
  • Our agents are entrepreneurs who depend entirely – financially and professionally – on their ability to sell or let your property.
  • We monitor the quality of service and performance of our agents and we act immediately if it’s not the best in the market. Property owners can review their agents at the end of each completed transaction to help future people like them choose the right agent.
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