Freelance in Real Estate

When you’ve been working for someone else for a long time, no matter what industry you are in, the thought of going solo and creating your own freelance business can be a scary proposition. It might be reassuring to know then, that unemployment levels are currently at their lowest rate in almost 45 years, according to the Office of National Statistics, thanks to a boom in the self-employment sector. Over five million people across the UK are now working for themselves, with professional services being the fastest growing category. As long as you are willing to put the work in and take advantage of the numerous proptech tools at your disposal, there are many reasons to start your own freelance real estate business.

Being Your Own Boss

You get to dictate when you work, how you work and who you work with. The success of the business will be determined by the decisions you make, but you also have the ability to fire difficult clients and take two-hour lunch breaks. In fact, you don’t have to work in the day at all if you don’t want to – your working hours are up to you.

Skills-Based Approach

Just like other freelance professions, such as sales and marketing or advertising, it makes sense to narrow down your niche, in order to appear more attractive to the clients you’d like to attract. Perhaps you have discovered you have an affinity for working with landlords, helping them to find buy-to-let properties and working as the in-between with tenants. Or maybe your skills lie in the luxury end of the market, helping others buy and sell estates and larger properties with acres of land. Work with what you do best and you will be more successful and find more enjoyment within your job.

Improved Health

This is a benefit that you might not considered: working from home can actually make you healthier! There is also less strain on your mental health, as any deadlines are self-imposed, rather than being controlled by someone else. While there is still pressure to do a good job, you can set your own guidelines, so that intense stress is a thing of the past. You even skip the chaos of rush hour, since commuting from your bed to the kitchen is particularly traffic-free.

Technological Advances

Once upon a time, the only way you could hope to find customers as an estate agent was with a big flashy store on a busy high street. These days, potential buyers, sellers and renters tend to look online first, saving themselves time by scrolling while they are waiting for their dinner to cook or when travelling by train. These technological advances make it much easier to target your audience, with online marketing and other proptech tools. Using a platform like Propertails will allow you to connect with potential clients, helping you build a relationship with property owners looking to rent, while giving you an instant sense of trust by being part of a bigger organisation.

The future of real estate undoubtedly lies in the hands of those brave enough to take control of their business. If you have the experience and drive to do well, there is a whole world out there ready to buy, sell and rent their homes.