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Selling with an online-only agent can come with problems. Unfortunately, many people selling or renting property have issues. They also find working with a traditional estate agent stressful & frustrating. Let’s unveil 8 of the major challenges you’ll face and one smart solution to your property headaches.

Estate agency fees

Fees, fees & more fees – sometimes it seems never-ending right? Hidden fees are always a bugbear. It can sometimes take you by surprise. Make sure you go over your contract with a fine-tooth comb. Ensure that fees are not being charged that should be included as standard. A huge benefit of using a trustworthy agent is transparency. If one person is solely relying on your fee, heir reputation is at the forefront of the service they provide and they’ll be more inclined to be upfront on costs. 

Service Level

Old fashioned and bureaucratic ways of working are no longer fit for purpose in 2019. It’s more about personal service these days. The quality of the service provided should be a huge deciding factor when selecting an agent. Similarly, when selling or renting your property, you must use an agent who is fit for purpose. One who is agile enough to leverage the best available technology to get the job done with premium service.

Lack of talent

The property market and industry as a whole are fast-paced, and ever-changing. It can change on an hourly basis. Traditional agents are notorious for paying small commissions. Not the best way to attract highly skilled and talented individuals. Doesn’t your property deserve an agent who’s dynamic and hyper-motivated? 

Low motivation

The average estate agent in the UK earns £24,000 with commissions as low as 0.75%. That leaves traditional estate agents low on motivation to do the best for you and your property. It’s really important to ensure that your agent has the right level of commitment required to sell your property. By being unmotivated, they will let this reflect in the service they provide. This is a huge no-no. 

Slow to adapt

One area in which traditional high street agents have been slow to adapt is in the use of modern technology. But having lack of innovation and forward thinking can hinder your sale or letting. It is vital to showcase your property correctly, and by using tech, you can reduce the time spent completing tasks manually. Meaning a better service is being delivered to all customers. Simple things such as confirmation texts and online brochures for instance, can make a big difference. 

Poor communication

Poor communication is often to blame for poor service levels. Working with a freelance agent allows you to communicate directly with one point of contact. Messages can be lost and missed using multiple contacts. Going back to our previous point, with the amount of technology available these days – there really is no excuse. Ensure your agent is available with updates for all, at all times. Some agents will be available outside of standard office hours too. This really useful for most of us. 

Lack of transparency

Estate agents have come under fire because of their lack of transparency. Often, this can be relating to referral fees and conveyancing. Have you lost faith in the conventional way of selling and renting property? A freelance estate agent will always work for you in an effort to build their reputation for honesty and transparency. Ask yourself, if they’re not being totally transparent and upfront – why?

Lack of options

Traditional agents offer a cookie-cutter approach. This is because of old-school values and habits that are hard to shake. It can leave landlords and property owners with limited options, so why not choose a freelance agent instead? A freelance estate agent can deliver a bespoke service and design a package to give you the best possible service and widest range of options for your property is a great place to start.


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