freelance estate agent

Online-only estate agents – friend or foe? With many everyday services being available online, it might be popular to use online-only estate agents when it comes to selling your property or finding a tenant. The only issue is, sometimes the service can easily fall short. Let’s look at some of the main problem areas.

1. Best value for money doesn’t always equate to best quality service

In life, you get what you pay for! And this is absolutely true when it comes to finding the right estate agent. 

2. Advance fees can mean lost fees

A significant percentage of online estate agents will ask for their fees upfront. Unsuspecting customers will willingly pay what seems like a competitive price, only to find that the service falls short and that no sale or let ensues. In the event of a customer pulling out of a transaction, the fee may well be lost for good in this instance.

3. Zero agent motivation

Choose a freelance estate agent and you will often find that their motivation to close a great deal is high. These agents get paid by results and their reputation is based upon outcomes. In contrast, an online estate agent does business on the basis of cheap rates. Whether a sale happens or not, they get paid regardless, meaning that unfortunately they will be less inclined to push for a better deal.

Why would you knowingly hand over your hard-earned cash, with no guarantee the agent was going to sell your property?

freelance estate agent

4. Confusion

Online estate agents tend to offer far more packages than a regular estate agent or letting agent. It is challenging to work out exactly what is included in the service you are buying, and what isn’t. More than one customer has had their fingers burned by failing to spot something crucial in the small print.

5. Lack of personal choice

When you select an estate agent to sell your home, or a letting agent to find you the right tenant, it’s natural to want to choose an agent that you trust, feel a connection with and can engage with as an individual. But with online estate agents, you will never get this choice or personal contact. 

6. No value-add

The experience tends to feel as though you have hired an administrator to deal with a transaction for you, rather than a skilled and experienced agent to broker you the right deal. By running their own businesses, freelance estate agents are experienced in all areas of business. Reap the rewards from every skill they hold, not just the basics.

7. No feedback

When your property is over-priced, not correctly marketed, lacks kerb appeal or is likely to achieve an undervalue sale, or not receive any interest at all. By using an experienced ‘real’ estate agent, they have the knowledge to tell you what needs to be done. An online estate agent will never offer this feedback or insight to help you to facilitate a good sale.

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