freelance estate agent

More and more, vendors and landlords alike are opting for freelance estate agents as opposed to using traditional high street agents or ‘cost-effective’ online agents. The main question is, why?

As we have all experienced at some point in our lives, the housing market can be a tricky one to navigate. Particularly when conditions are as changeable as they have been in recent years. With external factors and current affairs always having a knock-on effect, it’s difficult to judge market quality without consistent monitoring and know-how. Any house move, whether that be letting or renting, can be extremely stressful. Luckily, experienced letting agents, estate agents & freelance estate agents have the answer. They possess the skills and knowledge to provide you with comprehensive, up to date professional insights. This will help you to successfully rent or sell your property with ease.

The stickler is finding the ideal agent to assist you. Finding the right agent, at the right price and in the right area, can be difficult. You need to know that they will be on your side every step of the way. 

Did you know that traditional or online estate agents will often struggle to deliver the same level of service and expertise as a freelance estate agent?  Maybe a freelance agent wouldn’t always be the first option that would spring to mind when marketing your property. A viable option for vendors and landlords, it should never be ignored when making decisions around marketing a property. 

We’ve picked out five reasons as to why working with a freelance estate agent will simplify the selling or renting process. This will hopefully help you to secure the best possible price for your property, and great service too.

Reason 1: Known for being highly motivated, Freelance estate agents are productive and hard working. 

Freelance estate agents work for themselves. Self-employed professionals rely on reputation in order to grow their business and to keep income flowing. Every penny they make on every successful letting or sale is theirs. They are highly motivated and will work around the clock to rent or sell your property. They understand that you are investing in their services, which is why they will go above and beyond to meet or even exceed your expectations.

Reason 2: Your freelance estate agent will be with you every step of the way

Dealing with one person is always a million times easier than dealing with a team of people. Updates are provided by one person, not five. People who ultimately have no interest or knowledge around the status of your transaction. After spending time hand selecting your ideal agent, they will respond by working closely with you from the beginning of the process right the way through to the end. Having a single point of contact will ensure that everything runs smoothly. You will be made aware of every new development as soon as it happens. Plus, you’ll find that usually by dealing with one person – you build a relationship. This means it’s not awkward to ask one of the many questions that may pop into your mind throughout your dealings. 

Reason 3: Freelance estate agents are available outside traditional working hours

It’s a 24/7 world – what use is an agent that only works office hours. Especially when you’re most likely busy working the exact same hours?! Most other agents will only work between 9 am and 6 pm, however, freelance agents are far more committed. They will keep you up to date with the progress of your sale or letting at times that are most convenient for you. Flexibility is a huge benefit of using this type of agent. This ensures that all parties can then be kept in the loop, at a time to suit. Everyones a winner!

Reason 4: Your freelance estate agent will innovatively respond to changeable market conditions

Changing more times than the most indecisive person on the planet, the property market is often in a continuous state of flux. Those who aren’t always on the ball are often confused and out of date. While it takes time for meaningful change to occur within large companies, freelance estate agents are constantly responding to even the smallest changes. They have to, to deliver the best possible service to their clients. Your agent must be aware of any market changes s to immediately react, as they only rely on themselves to implement any tweaks required. Ask yourself, without delving into the deep dark depths of online and local market trends, do you know the current state of play?

Reason 5: Work with a professional

When instructing an agent, do you really know what skills they hold? Yes, they may be good at sales negotiation – but is that all you need? A real key thing to remember here is that freelance estate agents successfully run their own businesses. They do it ALL. From marketing their own business, to managing accounts, external services and more! Be rest assured that you are working with a highly-skilled, organised and self-motivated individual with your needs at heart. They know exactly what it takes to close a sale, run and business and more.

Have we enlightened you?! We hope so. 

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